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The Computer Forensics Management Company - A Digital Detective Agency


Through many years of experence, we have become experts in finding, collecting, preserving and analyzing information from all types of computer systems, cell phones  and other digital devices. Many of our cases involve business/employee issues, regulatory compliance, intellectual property disputes, theft of trade secrets, financial fraud, cybercrime and information security issues.


We provide e-Discovery and Expert Witness and Investigation services and offer cost effective solutions to meet your needs. For a FREE initial consultation, call 310-862-4507

Computer Forensics
A vast amount of evidence relevant to litigation, business disputes and sensitive internal matters resides on computers, cell phones and other digital devices.
Case Files


Read about some of the types of cases we have worked on. Our clients include law firms, major corporations, small businesses, government agencies and law enforcement.


About Us


Our investigation teams are comprised of professionals with many years of experience in Forensics, computer security, software development, systems engineering, finance, law and executive management.
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