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About Us

The Computer Forensics Management Company was founded in 2003 by Mark Liphardt. We provide Investigative Services, both digital and physical, to assist our clients in uncovering the truth and responding to litigation needs and compliance matters. We are specialists in the areas of Information Security, Digital Forensics, Cyber-crime, Fraud Prevention and Detection, eDiscovery, and Litigation Support.


Mr. Liphardt's career history includes several decades of experience in technical and corporate management positions. His background includes the design of Global Information System Networks for Fortune 500 companies, the development and assessment of Information Security Systems and the management of Internet hosting and eCommerce services at AT&T.


Mark was the founder and Chairman of the Association of Internet Professionals. He has been responsible for the management of information security and forensic teams and the design of forensic labs and methodologies and has also been recognized for his pioneering research in the development of Artificial Intelligence technology. He also enjoys giving presentations on the future trends in technology and information security.


Our People


Our investigation teams are comprised of professionals with backgrounds in computer security, systems engineering, law, finance and management. While each case is unique, our investigations have ranged from simple employee issues to international fraud schemes, embezzlement, complex intellectual property disputes, network intrusions and computer hacking. We have also assisted law enforcement on robbery and homicide cases and internal investigations. Bring on the A-team.


The Tech and Tactics


From a technical perspective, we have expertise in dealing with PCs, Apple/Macintosh, Linux, network servers of all flavors, cell phones, video and image enhancement, etc. Basically if it stores information in a digital form, we can get to it.


In addition, we have developed a good network of contacts for tracing people, illicit funds and other items of interest. We are rapid responders and in many cases can travel on a very short notice. We can help you get results!  Call us at 310-862-4507.


Certification and Affiliations
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE)
Computer Information Security Systems Professional (CISSP)
Guidance/Encase Software (EnCE)
SANS Computer Forensics Analyst
SANS Network Intrusion Analyst.
US Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force 

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